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This unique screened and covered porch offers an irresistible invitation to exit the living room and relax to the sound of spring peepers and wood frogs in the wetland beyond.  Site-built trusses and custom sawn white pine roof decking glow through the evening illuminated by the hidden lighting system controlled by a remote dimmer switch.  We used a durable composite tongue and groove porch flooring to lend a barefoot friendly authentic and durable finish to the floor.

Accurate Craftsman Style details ground this lofty space with substantial columns and timber frame details while the “Haint Blue” paint on the beaded ceiling blurs the distinction between indoor and outdoor space.

This full Victorian reproduction required careful attention to proportion to create an inviting space to relax and enjoy the garden.  The column and pilaster dimensions were carefully researched to be the correct width and height.  The wooden balustrade utilizes custom spindles and 5 part top and bottom rails to create a lasting re-additon to this Shadyside home.  The cedar sidewall shakes offered an opportunity to display our skills with a product not often used in our region.

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